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Do you have an experienced and knowledgeable partner in place to ensure your organization’s liability exposure is minimized — before a claim is filed? With the right partner, offensive strategy and guidance, your organization will be well-positioned for the most favorable outcome possible, should the unexpected happen.

Western Litigation, a division of Gallagher Bassett (WLI) is the most experienced and knowledgeable professional liability claims and risk management company in the industry. We serve professional liability insurers, risk retention groups, client-owned captive insurers and organizations across many industries, including healthcare, law enforcement, insurance, technology, architecture and more. Our seasoned attorneys, insurance claims executives, registered nurses and certified risk managers work collectively to provide clients with unparalleled service and expertise not available from other traditional third-party administrators or commercial insurers.

Don’t remain grounded by liabilities or unnecessary costs. Let Western Litigation elevate your potential for success — discover for yourself the strength in partnership in action.


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325,000+ claims managed since 1994.


98% client retention.


82% of claims closed without an indemnity payment.